Prince Faramir of Ithilien
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Having recovered from his grave wounds just days before, Faramir is already on his feet and wanting to rejoin the fight against the forces of Sauron.

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Having fashioned himself a make-shift cast for his injured leg, Faramir finds his horse where he tied it, still alive and healthy, and rides with all speed back to minas tirith to warn the council there of the unimaginable news. He, to his own surprise, comes around the group sent out from the white city to find he and his kin.

Faramir catches site of the group and rides up to them. For the first time in his day long hard ride, Faramir realizes how exhausted and injured he is. He can barely hold his up from pain, fear, and shame of the fact that he allowed the most precious and dangerous object in middle-earth fall into the enemy’s hands. He shamefully lifts his head and looks up at the group. He stutters as he tries to begin to explain to them what happened in Shelob’s cave. He manages to spit out three painful words. 

"He….has it."

He trembled visibly. “Sauron now has the ring…the nazgul found it in shelob’s cave and are surely bringing it back to their master. Valar save us.”

He fell from his horse, passed out cold from exhaustion at the last word.

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Having gotten knocked back a few times by Shelob, and seeing that most of his men lie dead on the floor of Shelob’s cave, Faramir decides to run for it while he still can. He manages to escape from the cave and make it back down the stair, though he falls about twenty feet at one point on his way down.

Even with a broken leg from the fall, Faramir presses on, set on getting back to gondor to inform the council that the enemy has the ring. 

The desperate struggle to attain the ring just got real.

Faramir and his rangers now face two nazgul, and a giant spider. They are so screwed. A few of the rangers try to flank Shelob and grab the ring. Faramir tries to engage the beast, and the rest of the rangers engage with the nazgul.





As Nazgul9 makes his way to Shelobs cave, happy thoughts swam through his mind. Nazgul9 thought of all the ways he could shake it on the dance floor for the upcoming parties he would have with Gimli. The Nazgul was so impressed with all the images of dances that popped into his mind he almost…

As some of Faramir’s rangers begin to make their assault on shelob, they look up at where the falling pebbles came from. They don’t see anything at first, and then focus on a dark figure above.